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Avoiding Scams

There are a lot of scams floating around the internet. It’s easy to scam on the internet because scammers have the ability to hide behind the web. Sometimes it’s hard to separate what’s scam from what’s real, just always be on guard.

You can do your part to avoid being scammed by using your common sense.

If someone promises you $2000 in an hour, you know that’s too good to be true.

Do your research and gain as much knowledge as you can about scam. Check with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Don’t buy any business from anyone unless you know what you’re doing.

Here are 10 of the most common scams

  1.   Phishing Scams
  2.  Lottery Winning Scams
  3.   Greeting Card Scams
  4. Reshipping and Payment Processing Scams
  5. Shopping Scams
  6. Online Dating Scams
  7. Nigerian Email Scams
  8. Technical Support Scams
  9. Money Transfer Scams
  10. Investment Scams

You can avoid scams by always being on GUARD, do your research and don’t be too hasty to click on email links, especially when you don’t know the sender or the offer seems too good to be true.

Let common sense work for you at all times.

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